How to Roll Back a Driver in Windows

Alternatively, you can press Win + R and typedevmgmt.msc,then press Enter. In Windows 8 and above, press the Windows + X keys and select Device Manager. Ikr, when I saw the notification for a new driver download I thought “Oh this makes sense, just before the game releases.” Select one of the options depending on your situation and click the “Yes” button. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to select any option.

  • The first step towards fixing this issue is uninstalling and reinstalling the NVIDIA driver on your computer.
  • While Windows does update Drivers too, if it does not, you may be required to update the device drivers manually.
  • Here’s how to avoid GeForce Experience on Windows.
  • If you decide to use the app in normal mode, clean up, restart the PC, clean up again, and restart again.

DDU will now remove the selected GPU drivers from your system, this will vary depending on the speed of your system. Select one of the removal options, I recommend you click ‘Clean and do NOT restart’ if you wish to look at the logs or by default, click ‘Clean and restart’. If you do not want to launch DDU in Safe Mode, just click ‘OK’ and proceed as normal.

Way 1: Uninstall Nvidia drivers from Control Panel

Use the System Restore tool to roll back if something goes wrong. Windows will create a system restore point when your Nvidia drivers are updated. You can boot into Safe Mode and run the system restore utility to roll back to before the drivers were updated.Click here for a guide on using the System Restore tool. Click the link to download the latest version of the driver. You should always download the latest version unless you specifically need an older one.

When the new window opens, and the list of programs is displayed, click AMD Software. ThePro versionof Driver Easy comes withfull technical support. If you need assistance, please contact Driver Easy’s support team

Reinstall Older Nvidia Drivers

So read and follow the below steps carefully to learn how to roll back NVIDIA resources drivers, and other audio and network drivers on Windows 10. So, in such a situation, you wouldn’t be able to reinstall or roll back the driver update through the device manager’s rollback option. However, you can reinstall the previous driver version of your NVIDIA driver card via NVIDIA’s official website. Follow these steps to roll back your NVIDIA driver to the prior version. Sometimes a recent update to the NVIDIA video driver can cause serious problems for your computer.

How to Rollback NVIDIA Drivers?

In all cases, note that when you download and install Nvidia drivers, your screen may turn black or flash erratically. This is normal — the graphics card is testing out the new drivers, which can sometimes cause temporary visual glitches. NVIDIA and AMD send out new drivers for their current graphics cards at roughly monthly intervals. These often improve performance, especially on the latest AAA games…except when they don’t. With the software installed, you can easily update your GPU driver.

Luckily, Windows will allow you to check for any recent software changes, and automatically examine whether or not a conflict exists. In order to properly recognize and use any piece of hardware equipment, your operating system needs to have access to that component’s inherent drivers. This option only works for people that want to squeeze the maximum possible FPS out of their system and do not use features like GeForce Experience and Shadowplay. Since we are stripping the driver these features will be unavailable. With this, you are all set up so you can just press Clean and Restart. In case you boot into Safe Mode again after restart simply go to MSConfig and untick the Safe boot option.

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