Russian labels for girls by letter U

Russian labels for girls by letter U

Taira (new) – chronic Taisiya (old) – “God-lover” and you may “lover of children” Tagliana – (Arabic.) – lucky, lucky, prolific. In honor of brand new ancient Israeli town of Talilea. For the newest Bulgarian Holy ila / Tomila Tatiana (old) – originator Tecusa (old) Teresa / Theresa (new) Tal / Tali / Talia – dew (sovr.-Hebrew) Tanya (off Tatiana) Tractorina (new) – very first tractor

Russian names for girls during the 2021 of the page V

Valentina (old) – solid Valeria (old) – match Wanda (Glory) – hospitable Varvara (old) – savage Vasilina (New) – Regal Vasilisa (old) – royal Vassa (old) – queen Vaclav (slav.) – far more wonderful Vevea (old) Velora / Veloria (New) – from the VELIKA Oct Trend Venus (old) – “love” Believe (old) – “faith” Veronica (old) – believe inside the winnings Veselin (slav.) – cheerful Vesta (old) ‘s the patron saint of the property. Fireplace Vidana (Slavic) – common The new quiz (old) – winner Victoria (old) – “victory” Vilena (New) – of V. We.Lenin Viola / Violetta / Violante (The fall of.) – “violet” Virinea (old) – environmentally friendly, new Vitaliy / Vitalina (New) – lifestyle Viulena (New) – off V.We. Ulyanov Leenin Vlada (Slav.) – owner Vladilen (Nov.) – quick handfrom “Vladimir Lenin” Vladimir (New) – the master of the nation Vladislava (Slav.) – the master of fame Vladlena (new) – just like Vladilen Vlasta (Slav.) – leader Tend to (new) – 100 % free Vseslava (slav) – every where wonderful

Russian labels for women regarding the page X

Harita (old) – goddess off beauty Haritina (old) – beauty Khatouna – woman Hanum/Hanuma – Mrs. Hionia (old) – nymph Christina (Dated, Cf. The latest Christina) – Christ Helena Helga (Scandinavian title)

Russian brands for females to the letter C

Tsatsa (cargo) – caring Cecera (old) chat room no registration nicaragua – goddess of moonlight Cecilya (old) Ciala – Radiance Tsiuri – Beautiful Cira Tsvetana – from the word “flower”

Russian brands for females of the page J/Y

Yudif (old, out of Judif) Jozefa (Polish) – God can also add Jujana (dated, off Juliania) – curly Julitta (old, out-of Iulitt) Julia (old, regarding Julia) – wavy, fluffy Yumanita (new) – individual, human Yunia (dated, off Unia) Juno (old) – patron regarding relationships Ustina (dated, off Yustin) Jutta

Yadviga (New) – a wealthy warrior Jana (New) – from Ionn (God out-of compassion) age Jan Jaromira (Glory) – “Sunny Industry” Yaroslava (Glory) – “burning fame” or much like the men identity Yaroslav

Russian brands for females on the letter z

Fun (old) – enjoyable It is an Arabic ladies label attractive to many individuals. Inside the translation, it indicates “brilliant, blooming, breathtaking.” Additionally there is a questionnaire towards prevent in the-at: zairat.

The fresh new Persian woman’s label, which is on the list of popular names in a lot of individuals, function “gold.” There are many different types from this identity, every one of which includes the underlying out of “zar” – “gold”: zarema, zarai, zariyke, zargishi, zarif, etcetera.

New Persian female’s name form “silver.” You can find variants: “Golden Beauty” – “Wonderful Beauty”, zarbaft – “wonderful brocade”, zarbana – “wonderful mistress” Sarina / zorina (new) – light, gold He is a servant. Saure – 1) Morning celebrity, Venus. 2) Wise, sparkling. Svenislava (Glory) – holding fame Semphira (Arabic)) – unruly Zila She was born in the old days. Sinovia (old) – “The effectiveness of zevs” Silver Sozan (Kurd.) – Alpine Meadows zoya (old) – “life”

A tiny about how precisely the easiest to determine a name to own your de might possibly be along with the girl center identity and you can surname. At all, it would be very important when she will get a grownup.

Russian names for women for the letter D

Moors (old) – dark-skinned, dark-skinned Magda (new) – find Magdalene Magdalene (old) – group of / hailing out-of Magdalena, Palestine Madeleine (New) – get a hold of Magdalene Maya / Maya (New) – deity of spring Malvina (d.-herm.) – Away from mal – fairness and you can wines – a pal. Margarita (old) – “pearl” Mariana / na) Marietta / Marietta (New) Marika (New) Marina (old) – marine Maria / Mary (old) – bitter Marie (New) – parece Mary and you will Magdalena Marlena (New) Martha (New) – Lord Martha (old) – advisor Matilda (d.-herm.) – of macht – strength and you can hild – competition. Matrena / Matrona (old) – mistress, mother of loved ones, mommy Melania / Melania (old) – black, ebony Melitina (old) Milada (Slav.) – an effective Milana / Milena / (Glory) – nice Milica (old, glo. ) – cute for the face Milia (new) Miloslava (glory) – the fresh glory of the sweetheart Mira (Glory) – quiet Mirra (Slav.) – aromatic Miroslava (Glory) – champ Mitrodora (Grams.) is a present away from his mommy. Mlada (slavic) – more youthful Mstislava (Slav.) – conqueror Muse (old) – deity off artwork / mastermind

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